Rural Development Association (RDA), East Singhbhum, Jharkhand 2021-24

Rural Development Association (RDA), East Singhbhum, Jharkhand 2021-24


1. “SMILE” – Improvement in Life of the marginalized Tribal Children through Quality Education, Participation and Protection in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.

Supported By: Terre des Hommes, Suisse and Swiss Solidarity

Thematic Area of Intervention:

  • Protection of Child Rights:
    • Protection of children from all types of violence
    • Quality education is the basic rights of children
    • Ecological rights of children
    • Participation of children in decision makingin their issues
  • Youth as an actor of change
  • Protection of children, youth, women and community in COVID pandemic
  1. Area of Intervention:
    45 villages of 7 panchayats of Ghatsila and Dhalbhumgarh blocks, East SInghbhum.
  1. Target Population:
    4000 Families and 15000 Beneficiaries (children, youth, SHG members and adult)
  1. Activities:
  • Education, Participation and Protection of Children:
  • Promotion and running of 9 Child Club and 12 Youth Group
  • Capacity building of children, youth, SHG members, PRI members and community on –
    • Child Rights,
    • Protection mechanism of children,
    • Environment protection,
    • Gender equality,
    • Child participation,
    • Issues affecting the children and youth, demand formulation, submission of demand and follow up.
  • Promotion and capacity building village level, panchayat level and organization level child protection committees.
  • Quality education support to 1600 children, mainly Std. 6 to 10 at regular basis in target villages through 5 Support Education Centre (SEC) and other left out children of neighbouring villages in COVID situation through different ways.
  • Child-led initiation and youth actions – awareness building of community on child rights and environment protection – save electricity, use of alternative energy, reduce and reuse of plastics, plantation drive, development of organic nutrition garden, photography on environment and situation of children etc.
  • Environment Protection:
    • Awareness building of children, youth and community
    • Development of alternative energy “Solar Energy” system in Child Club and Education Centres as an initiative towards environment protection.
    • Development of organic kitchen garden
    • Save electricity, reduce and reuse of plastic
    • Save the tree and plant the tree


  • Awareness building on COVID safety behaviours and vaccinationand protection of children, youth and community:
  • Mass awareness of community on COVID safety behaviours and vaccination in 45 villages.
  • COVID safety health and hygiene kit (Mask and Soap / sanitizer)support to at least 3000 families and 18000 people (children, youth and adult).
  • Support to community for vaccination by the youth volunteers and SHG leaders.
  • Food and livelihood support to needy families in COVID Pandemic 2021:
  • Nutritional dry food support to 400 needy families and 1800 people (children, youth and adult) in COVID pandemic for ensuring their 3 months additional food.
  • Monetary support to 100 landless and marginal farmers families.

2. Digital Unify for Kid – Tablet for Kid (T4K)

Supported by: ST Microelectronics India, Greater Noida, UP.

Objective of the programme: Introduce children of 9 – 14 years in the use of IT and generate their interest in use of IT technology in future.

Target: 350 children in 2021

3. Humanitarian Aid to Children in COVID Pandemic

Supported by: Azim Premji Foundation

Key Objectives of the project:

  • Awareness building of children, youth, SHG, parents and community on COVID protection;
  • Protection of children from corona pandemic;
  • Develop good habits of children and community for keeping children healthy.

Mode of Intervention:

  • Develop a trained team of service provider;
  • Preparation of leaflet, posters and flex on covid protection;
  • Coordination with block officials, panchayat and Gram Pradhan;
  • Mass awareness building through announcement, posters, covid protocol, information and video clipping sharing;
  • Awareness building of children through child club and support education centres;
  • Village level distribution of nutrition based dry ration and non-food items to children.


  • Selection of 6 members team consisting staff, teachers/educators and youth and their capacity building;
  • Leaflet distribution, poster/flex at village/ hamlet, announcement by youth;
  • Regular awareness and follow up of children in child club and education centres;
  • Direct distribution of food and non-food items to children;
  • Record keeping, documentation and media coverage.

Area: Asna, Banki, Karadoba, Bhadua, Rawtara panchayats of Ghatsila and Dhalbumgarh blocks, East singhbhum district, Jharkhand.

Target Beneficiary:1500 children of age group 2-12 years.

Target Population: 12000 families,mainly tribal community.

Key achievements in last 3 years:

  • Ensure food security of 6000 families mostly tribal.
  • 85 CRP (Community Resource Persons) developed as agriculture and animal rearing service providers and they are continuing their services.
  • Income enhancement of 2500 families from Rs.10000 to Rs.50000 from cultivation of different vegetables following improved agriculture practices.
  • Quality education support provided to 1000 mostly vulnerable tribal children in remote villages and they are continuing their education even in COVID pandemic situation.
  • 10 youth group promoted consisting 250 young people and they helped the community especially children protecting from covid by providing protection kit, awareness building, regular monitoring.
  • Protected 2000 children in 20 villages from any kind of violence like child labour, child marriage and abuses.
  • Promoted one Farmers Producer Company and it’s annual business turn over reached 1.3 crores.
  • Established 5 numbers soil less vegetable sapling production poly nursery of average capacity one lakh per cycle.
  • Developed 20 ponds, 10 solar based micro lift irrigation units and ensure additional irrigation in 150 acres of land.

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