Improved Quality Of Life Of The Tribal Children And Women In 10 Villages Of East Singhbhum District, Jharkhand, Supported by : Terre des Hommes, Suisse

Rural Development Association (RDA) is working with the most vulnerable tribal children, young people and adult in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand for quality education, of children and better life and livelihood for their family. RDA is supporting around 600 tribal children and 200 young people of remote villages through 4 supportive education centre, 8 child club, one tablet-based digital literacy of children, 8 youth groups and one basic computer education of youth for quality education of children, increasing child rights situation in family and community and keeping children safe from all forms of violence.

In the last nine months of Corona pandemic situation, when all educational institutions were closed and very less accessibility of devices in the remote villages for distant learning, RDA worked hard and supported vulnerable tribal children in day to day learning, protection of children from violence keeping total precautions of Corona like the use of mask, keep physical distance, hand washing, food and nutrition security. Our children photographer prepared Corona awareness video and shared it to children, youth and adults for awareness building and keeping them safe in this pandemic. RDA supported parents of the children and youth in 10 villages for promotion of organic crop production mostly paddy and vegetables on 212 acres of land for the availability of safe and fresh food especially for children in the family. We have promoted 472 organic nutrition garden in the villages and tribal families are producing 6-8 types of vegetables for the family.

Regular Direct Beneficiaries  One-Time Direct Beneficiaries Indirect Beneficiaries
Type Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
0-18 years 350 423 773 325 425 750 610 740 1350
18-25 years 340 410 750 50 50 100 380 425 805
Adults 600 500 1100 210 290 500 1100 900 2000
Total 1290 1333 2623 585 765 1350 2090 2065 4155