FCRA updates

Foreign Fund received during the period from 1.10.2020 to 31.12.2020
2.11.2020——-From Terre Des Hommes, Geneva——–INR. 12,02,612.0625
14.12.2020——–Do————————————————INR.   2,89,,014.9875

Fund received from IKEA FOUNDATION via Collectives for Integrated Livelihoods Initiative (CINI)
INR. 2,70,02,950 on 24.09.2020

Fund received from Terre Des Hommes, Suisse
20.5.2020….Rs. 440019.70
30.7.2020…Rs. 1810212.80

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List of the office bearers of GB

Certificate with FC-6 for 2014-2015.pdf

FCRA AUDIT REPORT 2014-2015.pdf

Certificate with FC-4 for 2015-2016.pdf

FCRA AUDIT REPORT 2015-2016.pdf

Certificate with FC-4 for 2016-2017.pdf

FCRA AUDIT REPORT 2016-2017.pdf

Certificate with FC-4 for 2017-2018.pdf

FCRA AUDIT REPORT 2017-2018.pdf

Certificate with FC-4 for 2018-2019.pdf

FCRA AUDIT REPORT 2018-2019.pdf

Receipt of Foreign grant-2019-20

Receipt of Foreign grant-2018-19

Receipt of Foreign grant – 2018

Receipt of Foreign grant-2017

RDA- Receipt of Foreign Grant- 2016-17

Foreign Contribution received in last 3 Quarters (Sept,2016)